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Into the Entrepreneurial Life of Freelance Writer Michael Kwan
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    Broken Rice Vietnamese Restaurant, Burnaby

    I like pho. I really like pho. That’s why it’s great that I live in an area like Metro Vancouver where there is an abundance of Vietnamese restaurants. Most are no-nonsense kinds of places where you don’t expect much in terms of service or ambiance, as long as you get a tasty bowl of noodles. […]

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    CHAU VeggiExpress Restaurant, Vancouver

    I’ve been meaning to try this place for a while, but have only gotten around to it recently. While you may be inclined to call it Chau Veggie Express (I know I was), the restaurant’s name is actually stylized as CHAU VeggiExpress. Located in the same area as Hoi An Cafe, a restaurant where we […]

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    Salad Rolls

    In English, we have many words that effectively describe the same thing. What we call a “sedan” in North America, people in the UK would call a “saloon.” While there may be some slightly different connotations, a “backpack” and a “knapsack” are basically the same thing too. When we turn to the world of food, […]

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    Mr. Red Cafe, Vancouver

    There is certainly no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver, so you’ll never have any trouble finding a piping hot bowl of pho. Interestingly, though, you’ll find that the vast majority of these restaurants typically serve the pho nam typical of southern Vietnam. The so-called “Saigon style” pho is one that is more complex and […]

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    Bao Chau Vietnamese Restaurant

    I’m not exactly sure what it is, but there is something incredibly comforting and satisfying about good Vietnamese food. Maybe it’s a good thing I live in the Metro Vancouver area where there is no shortage of places to enjoy some lemon grass chicken on rice or a piping hot bowl of pho. And while […]

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    Umbrella in the rain

    Sometime during the summer before my first year of university, I attended one of those group campus tour. I think it may have been during some sort of orientation week. The guide, a second or third year student, walked us from building to building, pointing out what she thought we’d should know. Here’s the student […]

    ~~ Continue reading On Lost Umbrellas and the Sharing Economy on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    We want to be famous as a writer, as a poet, as a painter, as a politician, as a singer, or what you will. Why? Because we really don’t love what we are doing. If you loved to sing, or to paint, or to write poems, if you really loved it, you would not be […]

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    The Subtle Art of Finding Time

    A number of video games teach us about resource management. If you want to craft a certain item, you must first collect 10 wood, 15 steel, and 3 bottles of harmonious essence, for example. While it is a bit of an oversimplification, real life works in much the same way. You need this much money […]

    ~~ Continue reading Vlog #74: Ran Out of Time Again on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Russell (Up)

    I stumbled across a YouTube video the other day that posed a rather puzzling request. Name a major Hollywood movie where a lead actor or actress is Asian American (or Asian Canadian), does not speak with an “ethnic” accent, and does not utilize martial arts (or some other cultural trope). It’s harder than you might […]

    ~~ Continue reading Asian and Pacific Islander Representation in Disney/Pixar Animation on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Intentional mindfulness as a parent

    When we first enrolled my daughter in preschool, I had very little in terms of expectations. The main objective, at least in my mind, wasn’t about learning her ABCs and 123s. Instead, it was much more about learning structure, routine and basic social skills. Little did I recognize how much I would learn as a […]

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    Dear White People (Joelle)

    Do you know there’s a scientific debate raging over the color blue? Does it exist, or is it the brain’s best guess, identifying wave particles beyond its observational scope? Consciousness evolved with questions natural selection never designed it to answer, making truth just beyond man’s Darwinian limits. I’m inexplicably enamored with TV shows and moves […]

    ~~ Continue reading Sunday Snippet: Joelle Brooks (Dear White People V2) on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Young Michael

    Look at that little guy. So innocent. So full of potential. He could have been anything, really, but he thought it best to head out onto the balcony in his slippers and jam away on a plastic guitar. Honestly, I can’t blame him. Maybe he could have made something of himself if he traded that […]

    ~~ Continue reading Vlog #75: Advice for a Younger Me on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Me: I wish I had more time to get stuff done. Life: Okay fine. Here are a couple of hours. Me: I really just want to take a nap. Life: Okay fine. Go nap. Me: But Animal Crossing though. Life: I give up. Me: Yeah, me too. This was a conversation I had with Life […]

    ~~ Continue reading I’m Sick and Tired of the Self Sabotage on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Grammar 101

    Punctuation matters. It’s the difference between “let’s eat, grandma!” (inviting granny to dinner) and “let’s eat grandma!” (granny is dinner). And so just as we need to be mindful about whether to use its or it’s, we should also be mindful about the little apostrophe that separates lets from let’s. Lets (no apostrophe) is a […]

    ~~ Continue reading Grammar 101: Let’s and Lets on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Simone Giertz

    Since then, I’ve carved out this little niche for myself on the internet as an inventor of useless machines, because as we all know, the easiest way to be at the top of your field is to choose a very small field. I thought I was unconventional for starting my own freelance writing business. As […]

    ~~ Continue reading Sunday Snippet: Simone Giertz on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Playing the ocarina

    As you might recall in last week’s vlog, I said I wished I had learned how to play a musical instrument when I was younger. I also said that it’s not too late for me to learn now. In rekindling some of that melodious spirit, I decided to play a little music in this week’s […]

    ~~ Continue reading Vlog #76: Travel Camera Gear (and an Ocarina) on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    Sleeping woman

    I’m tired. Exhausted even. Like all the time. Some people will say this is par for the course when you’re a working parent with a young child. Especially when the newborn is around, you can kiss your sleep goodbye. Most moms and dads can attest to that. But what if you’re clocking in a good […]

    ~~ Continue reading What Does a Good Night’s Sleep Even Look Like? on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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  • 05/18/18--10:00: 6 Weird Things I Enjoy Doing
  • Little planet effect

    It’s one of those standard “ice breaker” type questions you might get in a job interview, a kitchen party, or some sort of networking event. What do you do for fun? And while it’s easy enough to dish out a generic answer like saying you like to travel (I do) or try new foods (I […]

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    Meghan Markle

    It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision. May we empower each other to carry out such vision — because it isn’t enough to simply talk about equality. One must believe it. And it isn’t enough to simply believe in it. One must work at it. Let us work at it. Together. […]

    ~~ Continue reading Sunday Snippet: Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) on Beyond the Rhetoric.

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    JAG Boutique Hotel, St. John's Nfld

    This may surprise some of you. Up until a couple of years ago when we went to Montreal, I hadn’t traveled further east in Canada than the the Alberta Badlands. Well, I had a layover in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, but that doesn’t really count. Now I can say that I’ve been to the easternmost […]

    ~~ Continue reading Vlog #77 – JAG Boutique Hotel (St. John’s Nfld) on Beyond the Rhetoric.